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$3,000 Giveaway of This New Crypto! How To Win It :)

Welcome to the first ever ENRICH PITCH! This is one of many coming evolutions for our community. The way an ENRICH PITCH works is that new projects are given the opportunity to pitch to us in exchange for them offering up a substantial amount of tokens to give away to our community.

A crypto pick comes with an extremely high level of research and has to qualify through a rigorous process. As a result, most projects that could potentially be good, but have some additional question marks, are never brought forward. The ENRICH PITCH offers a way to change that! The only major bar to pass here is being committed enough to give those tokens away. The projects are the ones taking the risk here because the only thing they receive in exchange for the giveaway tokens is eyeballs. Investments will only come if they do a good job pitching.

As time goes on, we can likely bring in larger giveaways and a wider variety of projects! My job is to find the best projects I can for ENRICH PITCH picks while also always being on the search for the next BIG SWING crypto pick.

Without further ado, the first ENRICH PITCH is from a project called Barfight Token ($BFIGHT). $3,000 of BFIGHT will be given away $1,000 at a time to 3 names drawn during a live draw soon on the main channel. Being a VIP member gets your name in the bucket 1 time. Being a Whale Family member gets your name in the bucket 3 times. Only Whale Family and VIP members will be entered, so your chances to win are actually pretty high! The drawing will be completely random, and doing it live will hopefully create more excitement/adrenaline! Will also randomly select 3 non-VIP or Whale Family members to win $100 each during the live.

The tokens have already been sent to the giveaway wallet, so we are ready to go. You will be automatically entered, and you can tune in later tonight, live on the main channel, for the giveaway.

Now on with the pitch itself so you can decide if you want to invest! They wrote this specifically for us:

“Blow off steam in the metaverse, own your NFT character and knock some teeth out to earn crypto. That’s the mantra of $BFIGHT (BARFIGHT), a new virtual reality project to launch in the cryptocurrency space.

So what is $BFIGHT (BARFIGHT) all about?

Who hasn’t played the classic drunken bar fights game? This was a smash hit and still has a big following to this day. Now imagine bringing this to the metaverse and competing for crypto. That’s exactly what we are doing. Gamers, UFC and MMA fans present a huge target audience.

*The game will be available on both PC and VR.

Initial Metaverse maps

There will be 3 metaverse scenes or maps initially, the bar, a carpark and smoking dosa. All will be unique in their design and interactivity.

Game modes

Players will be able to compete in several different game modes:

  • 1 V 1
  • 10 V 10 (teams)
  • 1 V 10 (AI free play)
  • 100 V 100 (battle royale)

Wagering and Play to Earn

Patrons will be able to compete in fixed priced entry tournaments. For example we will host weekly tournaments that may be up to 100 players for a $2 buy in, winner takes all.

We will also host major community battle royales once a month with major cash or token prizes and run leaderboards. These will be free roll events where any $BFIGHT holders can compete. Wagering and Play to Earn

Token Utility and Earnings

To play the game people will be required to hold a minimum amount of $BFIGHT.

A weapons shop will open which will allow plays to buy upgrades like skins, armor, weapons etc. Each month we will release new packs similar to COD. The revenues collected from in-game microtransactions and NFT sales will go back to the community as rewards.

NFTS as in game avatars

Players will be able to customize characters then mint NFTs to use as in game avatars. Each month new skins and accessories will be available for purchase.


Max supply – 100,000,000,000 (100 billion)

Market cap – $300K

Taxes – 5% in/out (3% LP, 2% marketing)

Starting LP – 25 ETH

LP – Locked for 1 month. Supply may be burnt before extending the lock.

Team tokens – These have been locked for 1 month. The lock will be extended prior to expiry.

Max Wallet – 2%

Slippage – 6%


The contract has been audited by Solidiity Finance. There is no backdoors, mint functions or anything like that. Taxes can only be lowered, not raised.

Dev Team

We’ve been in crypto for 5+ years. Roger (myself) was lead dev of a token that hit $50M during bear market (still in development so hasn’t been shared). Our last big metaverse / gaming play our team organised and paid for all the marketing behind the scenes. The token did 130X and reached a $130M market cap. The dev went MIA and support fell out. We were acting just in the capacity of large holders and shillers. So we thought better to build our own and run it properly as dev and team.

Team Investment

We expect this will cost up to $150K to deliver. We don’t need to sell team tokens to fund the build. We aren’t interested in a P&D to $1-2M. With a degen fanbase and proper marketing we believe this can surpass $10M. It appeals to boxing, UFC, gaming fans which is a huge sector.


CMC and CG listing were done within 12 hours of launch. There is some major influencers coming on this week to promote and will support for life of project. TikTok, Youtube and Twitch streamers will be used to do live streams of the metaverse and showcase the NFTs. All the usual other stuff like DEXT trending, CMC trending and banner ads are planned. The roadmap is planned in a way to deliver a ramp up of news and build community numbers and excitement before release of the BARFIGHTS game.

Final words

The team has lead or assisted projects from early stage up to as high as $130M. $BFIGHT is priced at $300K and in our opinion the most exciting project we have been involved in for a while. Without giving target valuations, we think it has similar potential to previous tokens we’ve managed.


That is the end of the quote. Hopefully you like their project and I will see you soon for the giveaway!


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