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Matt Wallace

Elon Musk Needs To Make Twitter Profitable, But It Could Cost Him Everything!

I love the idea of #Dogecoin acceptance for Twitter Blue and will support what Elon Musk musk decides to do.

That said, there are a few things I think should be considered.

Of Twitter’s 200,000,000 daily active users, you need 125,000,000 at 8 dollars monthly just to hit 1 billion yearly (b tax)

So even if all those people sign up, it will still take over 40 years to get 40 billion from that.

Realistically, only a fraction of that will sign up. My guess is around 10 million people.

10 million people is enough to make the blue check mark mean only a little while still only bringing in 80 million a year.

At 80 million, that’s over 500 years. Then once the blue check mark means only a little, a lot of people will unsubscribe from it.

Unless you have a brand, blue check mark is just a status symbol, and if it can be purchased, it eventually stops being that (if successful, or if not it doesn’t matter anyway)

So IMO, even if the plan is wildly successful, it is still not worth it.

Increasing Twitter Blue is still a great idea, and there are a lot of cool features that can be added to it.

It should also be easier for the average person to get a blue checkmark without having to go through the media!

Then cutting costs, increasing users, and moving HQ to Texas will make Twitter very profitable!

Twitter’s over 5 billion a year in revenue, resulting in a 200 million loss, is ridiculous. Improving efficiency quickly fixes the problem.

Then advertising your own companies for free and recruiting more high-profile people can be two more big wins.

Better ways IMO than risking some of the biggest attractions leaving Twitter!

No need to try the big risky things until the low hanging fruit is picked.


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