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How To Buy BSC Tokens In Only Minutes! (Complete Guide With Easy To Follow Instructions)

My goal is to help you understand this fully, even if you are a newbie! It is way easier than you may think. This post is also public, so feel free to send it to anyone who is trying to figure out how to buy a BSC token

If you are on my Patreon for the first time, then welcome! 🙂

(These instructions contain the complete steps, so you can skip ahead to part 2 if applicable. Also, keep in mind that you will need to complete some parts of step 2 in order to do step 1, so if you get stumped, just read the rest, and you will likely find your answer)

Apps or Websites you need access to Metamask, ChangeNow, and access to any place where you can buy and send crypto.

Yep, you only need 2-3 apps, and you can set most of them up in only minutes, even on a mobile device. Not bad at all! You can be done with every step in only minutes, acter reading these words here (hi by the way lol) even if you don’t have an account anywhere yet and currently own no crypto at all.

(PART 1)

The first step is to get BNB (on Binance Smart Chain), BUSD, or another BSC network coin that will allow you to swap for BSC tokens.

Getting BNB on Crypto . com and sending to your wallet is one way, but if you want an easier way you can just download an app on your phone called ‘ChangeNOW’ and swap most cryptos for BNB on it. It is the app with white and green wording. This app:

(If you can’t get the app for whatever reason you can also just go to ( on any device. App better though if you are able to get it.)

ChangeNOW (as shown in the picture on this post) lets you swap a bunch of different cryptos for BNB in only a few minutes. (IMPORTANT NOTE TO REMEMBER WHEN SWAPPING: It will give you two options but MAKE SURE to put the BSC version of BNB and NOT the mainnet version. If you don’t understand what that means, don’t worry you will see what I mean when you do it)

The cryptos you can trade for BNB with ChangeNOW include Eth, Dai, and a lot more. They do charge a fee, but it is small, and I have started using them a lot. REMEMBER: Always smart to test a smaller amount first when swapping! That said, I have never had any problems with ChangeNOW, and it is pretty easy to use. I mostly use it to swap Eth for BNB.

Keep in mind that to do this with metamask (which I recommend), you need to complete the first part of step 2.

If you don’t have any Eth or other cryptos to swap, you can buy them using fiat money on any centralized exchange. A lot of decentralized exchanges give you ways to buy as well. Just make sure wherever you buy has a working wallet for sending coins, or you won’t be able to use ChangeNow. Coinbase is currently the most popular option in the US. Then Binance is the most popular option outside of the US.

(PART 2)

Time to add the BSC network to your Metamask! By default, metamsk is on the Ethereum network, so you need to manually add the BSC network to trade coins on BSC. You can’t trade either on the other network.

If you don’t have the BSC Network added on Metamask yet, all you have to do is click the three lines at the top left of your metamask app, then click ‘SETTINGS’ on Metamask, then click ‘NETWORKS’, then click ‘ADD NETWORK’ then input these things in each section:

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

and then add it! Boom, that easy.

After adding the Binance Smart Chain network, you will have the ability to switch back and forth with other networks at the top of your metamask wallet section. Go ahead, don’t be shy; you can practice switching back and forth now. Just make sure you don’t ever accidentally send Eth tokens to the BSC chain or BSC tokens to the Eth change. Rule of thumb, ALWAYS SEND A SMALL TEST AMOUNT FIRST WITH ANYTHING IN CRYPTO, EVEN IF IT SEEMS SILLY. Especially with BSC because the fees are so small.

Now it’s just a matter of putting those steps together and using ChangeNow to take ETH (or another crypto that works) from whatever wallet you have it in and get that in BNB or BUSD instead on your Metamask wallet.

Once you have the BNB or BUSD on your metamask, you are ready to go and can move forward to the best part, buying in!

For this part, we are going to use Baby Lambo Inu, but you can do the same steps with other cryptos too.

1 – Copy this Baby Lambo Inu contract address:


2 – Go to the browser section IN YOUR ACTUAL WALLET APP. You will see the browser section on your metamask app after clicking on those three lines at the top left.

3 – Go to pancakeswap in the wallet browser. You can find it easily by searching, or if you need to, you can just copy and paste this link in the search bar:

4 – It should already be connected on mobile since you are in the app version of the browser, but if not or if you are on your computer, you can just ‘Connect Wallet’. Either way you should see an interface that shows one crypto on top and one crypto on the bottom.

5 – Click on the name of whatever the bottom coin is, and another screen will pop up.

6 – Paste the contract address of the coin you want to buy in the search bar of that pop-up screen.

Baby Lambo Inu Contract Address:


7 – Then the name $BLINU should pop up, and you can click ‘IMPORT’

8 – A warning screen may pop up but don’t worry, that is normal. You just need to check the box and import it anyway. If you do this with another contract addresses, besides the one I put in this article for BLINU, then make sure though to be careful that it is the right one

9 – Put put whatever crypto you are swapping from (likely BNB or BUSD) in the top slot and put BLINU in the bottom slot. You can paste the contract address again to double-check.

10 – Then click the little settings gear at the top right to adjust everything the right way.

11 – You will need to choose the slippage you want to try. 12-13% is the minimum, but in order to have your transaction go through during high volume, you may need to put it a good bit higher than that. You can try the smaller slippage first and strategically go higher if it does not work. Try not to go too high on slippage, though, or you may get slightly fewer tokens due to front-running bots.

12 – Now you can just click swap, and you will have your tokens in as little as a few seconds.

Keep in mind that even after adding the tokens you still won’t see them in your wallet util you add BLINU on metamask itself also. Pancakeswap should have a screen that pops up to add them after you buy, but you can also add manually as well. To do that you just click ‘ADD TOKENS’ at the bottom of you wallet and paste the contract address for BLINU which is:


Now you have it in your wallet and you can do whatever you want with them!


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